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Competitive Statistics provides a variety of actionable reports which allow owners, operators, lenders, analysts and others to accurately gauge performance of an individual unit, a group of units or an entire company or industry.  Proprietary data is only provided to the participant that submits it.  All other data are presented as aggregates, ensuring that confidential information stays that way.

The performance metrics measured are determined by the industry.  For example, in an occupancy-based industry, the metrics would include at least occupancy percentage and average rate.  For a transaction-based business, the metrics would include at least total revenue, transactions and revenue per transaction.  The metrics collected are limited only by the ability of the industry participants to submit them on a reliable basis.

The frequency of the reports also varies by industry.  Typically, reports will be produced on either a weekly or monthly basis, because more frequent performance feedback is an important factor in the ability of clients to use the information to increase profitability.  However, an industry may determine that there are certain metrics that are important, but only on a less frequent basis.  In this case, we will issue special reports on a less frequent basis, perhaps quarterly or annually.


The indices we calculate are logical and actionable indicators of your relative performance trends, allowing you to quantify and analyze competitive comparisons on a weekly or monthly basis.

Unit-Level Reporting

The cornerstone of our product line is our unit-level reports.  These reports allow managers and owners to compare the performance of their individual unit with the performance of its direct competitors, as defined by the client.  Since our reporting begins at the unit level, you can group your own units by area, market, region, district, brand, etc. in order to understand better how these groups of units performance versus their aggregated competitors in light of your own management structure.

Corporate-Level Reporting

Corporate-level reports are simply aggregations of multiple unit-level reports.  These reports are suitable for senior-level management or others who require a scorecard or executive summary approach to tracking the competitive performance of multiple units but who donít necessarily need to focus on the details of each unit's performance.

Industry-Level Reporting

Not every industry is able to provide information on a unit-level basis.  For those industries, we offer the ability to capture information on a broader company basis.

Trend Reporting

For industries where we collect data at the unit or market level, we are able to offer reports on performance trends of a specific group of competitors in a defined geographic area (for example, a neighborhood) over a period of time.  These "trend reports" are an excellent tool to help you evaluate entire markets as well as specific sites within those markets.

System Data Collection

If you have multiple units (or locations) but are not currently capturing important operating statistics from those units, we can work with you to create a process for collecting that information.



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